Teaching children & adolescents


Video Streaming - direct Reading on your smartphone, tablet or PC

More than 30 years and new variants around games of opposition, of combat and of the technical learning.

A duration of 32 minutes of teaching children and adolescents in order to help you in your teaching and give you track of work.


3 learning environments are discussed:

  • Techniques and attacks
  • Opposition and struggle
  • Games opposition

The public:

  • Children from 6/7 years (Sometimes less depending on the profile of education)
  • Teens(12/16 years)
  • Adult beginners and beyond.

Topics covered:

  • The Feedback
  • Mikazuki géri
  • Introduction to the Keague
  • Mae géri
  • Mawashi géri
  • The stability of the pivots
  • Dynamic games + many variations
  • Introduction to sweeps + many variations
  • The components tactics of the opposition - Analysis and implementation of dynamic situation
  • Work on balance around the guard + variants



Technically, you have no manipulation to achieve. The videos are in version streaming, that is available directly on your computer screen, tablet or smartphone.



EXTRACT version Streaming:

  • Direct playback from any media device (PC, tablet, or smartphone),
  • No download necessary,
  • You click and then you watch directly from your customer space,
  • No timeouts - unlimited Play.

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