How does the video download work?

When the payment for your videos to download is confirmed (immediate in the case of payment by credit card and Paypal account), an email containing your download links is automatically sent to you.

Be sure to provide a valid email at the time of creating your customer account, while checking that emails from Infokaraté are not directed to the "junk" folder of your email.

Whatever it is, consult your customer area directly (frame in the right column).

Your download links are also present in the "My Downloads" section in the "My Account" menu.

* If the download fails, the links can be clicked 3 times during a period of 30 days.


Recommendations for downloading

Never start several downloads at the same time, it will not go faster and will overload the server that hosts the videos (Even if it is high availability).

To download your videos, prefer in the morning before 14 o'clock or in the evening, after 22 o'clock. These 2 periods are known to be faster due to less traffic on the Internet Europe network.

In general, check that all the conditions for a good download are met on your side: No thunderstorm in progress or on the horizon, no power outage or your internet connection, sufficient speed to download files ranging from 200 MB to 500 MB.


Recommendations for streaming

Streaming is an increasingly widespread technology that allows you to play videos or Podcasts (Audio-only files) without downloading them (like Youtube, Vimeo, Neflix, and others). The video or Podcast is thus stored on the site and can be played anywhere with any medium (PC, tablet or smartphone) by simply logging into your customer account.

It is important to check that you have sufficient bitrate for streaming. This is the reason why we provide you with a FREE article that will allow you to test the device on your devices. To do this, click on the image below.


Can I order the downloadable videos offered on "Infokaraté" from any country?


The "Infokaraté" store is configured for 255 countries.

In addition, we use the world-famous and globally developed PAYPAL payment system. It is therefore possible to order any downloadable videos or DVDs offered on "Infokaraté" from any country.


Why do I need to create a customer account?

Because the creation of a customer account allows you to obtain an invoice (to be printed) in order, for example, to be reimbursed by your club. The name of this club can be entered when creating your customer account.

On the other hand, it is useful to be logged in to your customer account to access your download links, for example.

The video content is protected by international intellectual property laws. As a customer, you and only you are allowed to play the videos you order (Downloadable version, streaming and DVD). It is therefore necessary to identify yourself for this.

Note : At the time of online payment by credit card, transactions take place directly on the secure servers of our partner bank PAYPAL. At no time do we have knowledge of your bank details. It is therefore impossible for us to know them (Read the confidentiality clauses of the PAYPAL bank).


On the other hand, "Infokaraté" undertakes to protect your personal data (email, addresses, telephone number or any other information you have provided when creating your customer account) and never to disclose or transfer them.

In addition, you explicitly have a function to delete your account in your customer area.


What are the payment methods you use?

To immediately access the download of your videos, use the online payment system by credit card from our partner PAYPAL. "Infokaraté" is PAYPAL certified, this means that the Infokaraté store is certified as a trusted e-commerce by PAYPAL.

Transactions do not take place on the Infokaraté store. At the time of payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American express and others...) you are redirected to the secure servers of the PAYPAL online bank. These servers ensure the security of transactions (Military-level encryption). Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected again to the "Infokaraté" store from where you can immediately start downloading the video(s) you ordered.

It is also possible to use the payment method by national and international bank transfer. To do this, select this payment method when placing your order. All the information relating to our bank details will be accessible on the page following the confirmation of this payment method.

Access to the download or streaming of your videos will be made upon receipt and confirmation of the transfer (estimated time between 24 hours and 72 hours depending on your country). An email will be automatically sent to you to notify you that the transaction has been completed.

It is also possible to select the payment method by check BUT only from metropolitan France and the overseas departments. Access to the download or streaming of your videos will be activated upon receipt of payment. An email will be automatically sent to you to notify you.



Where can I buy the material used in the videos?

"Infokarate.com " is a site of the infokaraté network (www.infokarate.com and infokarate.fr ). The shop where all the material used in our videos can be ordered can be accessed here : Infokarate.fr

 In this case, you will need to create a new customer account on "Infokarate.fr ".


How to contact us?

We always respond as quickly as possible to your questions and in your language by email : contact@infokarate.com

For France and the overseas departments: 0629071969