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The Pedagogical way Vol 6 + Wall poster



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DVD - Progression by grades Karate children + 1 wall board in A3 format

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The 1st PROGRESSION BY GRADES for KARATE CHILDREN ages 6/7 years to 12/14 years

*IMPORTANT: The A3 wall poster to be displayed in the Dojo is illustrated on the basis of the Shotokan-ryu style (The DVD is for its part "any style" > Educational analysis by grade)

However, the DVD contains the entire evaluation process from the white belt to the blue belt (brown checkerboard) regardless of the style practiced (compatible with any style of karate).

This means that even without a poster compatible with your style, you have access to the entire teaching and grade assessment strategy for children.


Here is a UNIQUE educational proposal that is nothing like what you will find on the Internet and elsewhere.

Infokaraté presents the 1st progression by grades of an educational nature for karate children and teenagers.

Evaluate the evolution of your students through only 14 reference techniques divided into 4 families: Tsuki, Geri, blockages and displacements.

Adapted to the psychomotor evolution of children and pre-adolescents, this progression by grades approaches grades from an expert perspective, not technical even if they are at the center of the approach, but pedagogical.

Just the way the belts are awarded says a lot about the innovative approach that has only one goal: to help you see more clearly in the teaching of karate as a child and to help you keep your students in your clubs.

This progression by grades is driven by the success of the first 5 DVDs "the pedagogical way" and its author: Alain Foltzer, both Karate teacher, former head of a regional executive school and EPS teacher experienced trainer of his peers.

La voie pédagogique Vol.6 is a rhythmic video with sustained comments that fits into the pedagogical logic of all the videos in the same series (sold several thousand copies).

The pedagogical path Vol.6 is aimed at active Karate and martial arts teachers as well as future teachers preparing for a diploma.

DVD Duration : 40 minutes.
Language : French
International : The mastery of French is essential despite the many demonstrations.
Format: DVD (PAL).

DVD sold with the wall poster in A3 format.

..Top des ventesProduced exclusively by and on Infokaraté, this UNIQUE educational series, sold in several thousand copies, it is popular with all candidates for a teaching diploma such as DAF, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS from the French Karate Federation. Cited as a reference within the executive schools of the French Karate Federation (karate teacher training center), the series "The pedagogical way" has also become a BEST SELLER in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, etc...

Professor of physical education and sports and state graduate in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for the executive school of the Limousin League from 2004 to 2008, former member of the national children's commission of the French Karate Federation (FF-Karate) and webmaster of the site dedicated since 2001 to the training of Karate teachers (80,000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also a trainer of Physical education and sports teachers in combat sports.
Director of the 5 DVDs "The pedagogical way" and of this educational series, all the videos offered on Infokaraté are particularly innovative and useful educational resources for any teacher in charge of one or more groups of children as well as for AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP and DEJEPS candidates of the French Karate Federation.


  • Accepted payments: Credit cards (CB, Mastercard, Visa...), PAYPAL account, check (Only for metropolitan France), national and international bank transfer.
  • The customer can enter the name of a club at the time of creating his customer account (Which allows the invoice to be drawn up in the name of this club).
  • Invoice available and printable from the customer account.
  • DVD Version (PAL)
  • Need help: or 06 29 07 19 69





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The Pedagogical way Vol 6 + Wall poster

The Pedagogical way Vol 6 + Wall poster

DVD - Progression by grades Karate children + 1 wall board in A3 format

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