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New product

Sticks-foam - Lot of 20


This type of product allows an investment to be very economical while being particularly effective in educational terms.

Known to induce early forms of blocking, sticks in foam are also excellent video games of opposition that does not require truly protective equipment type helmet or gloves (Even if some precautions are still obvious > Avoid pointing face of the face for example : What a helmet not full will not allow more to protect)



The length of the sticks in the foam is not a coincidence. Too long, they are difficult to guide. The children will, for example, find it hard to maintain a hand. The choice of this length is related to an experience related to their use with groups of children than adults. Games opposition and situations of learning blockages among other things, become extremely dynamic with this length.


1 lot equal to 20 sticks in foam of 40 cm long by 7 cm diameter and color-variegated: BLUE - GREEN - RED - PURPLE - ORANGE - YELLOW...

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