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Downloadable Version(341 MB)- 44 games and learning the techniques of percussion situations with fists - Go game technical learning.



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"The way teaching Vol.1"Immediate download- 341 MB



This videolasting 30 minutes, introduced in chapters 4, the foundations of a didactisée approach to teaching children karate in the sense that it describes a pedagogical definition of technology on which each year will take its source. Becoming a companion tool, it allows the teacher to start the game and lead to concrete solutions adapted to very young children even aprentissage situations through specific scene involving overheating objectives Type: "The selective listening", "tracking" ...




Program: 44 educational commented and documented, to acquire the principles of action of percussion techniques with fists (Tsuki, Uchi Uraken, Oi Komi) in a cooperative environment and duel for parallel education associated behaviors: Acceptance of confrontation management speed, distance and accuracy without forgetting "respect of performance criteria gesture."



  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Language: French
  • Internationnal: The mastery of French is not necessary because of the numerous sufficiently explicit demonstrations.
  • Instant Download - 341 MB (mpg video format compatible with any player)
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Top des ventesProduced exclusively by and Infokaraté, this educational series SINGLEsold several thousand copies is plébicitée by all candidates for DAF teaching degree type, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS the French Karate Federation. Referenced in schools frames the French Karate Federation (training center for teachers of karate), the series "educational path" has also become a BEST SELLER in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands , Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, etc ...




PE teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, former member of the national child of French Karate Federation and webmaster commission Infokarate . com dedicated since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate (25 000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also a teacher trainer in sport and physical combat sports education.
"The way teaching Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 and Vol.5" are educational resources particularlyinnovative and useful for any teacher in charge of one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, and CQP DEJEPS the French Karate Federation.





"Mr. Foltzer, I want to tell you that the videos I've purchased and downloaded yesterday quite meet my expectations.

Indeed, I am in the process of negotiating to open a section of karate in my village (the most difficult is to find a room, but I am hopeful!) And despite my many years of practice, I needed a "framework" to adapt my knowledge to teaching karate kids, teens and adult beginners.
Your approach to teaching is excellent and it is clear that I will be guided by your work and your advice in the course of my future. I will upload other videos progressively, this first step is very conclusive. Thank you and good luck! "- Pascal L. Virmoux - Clair (New Brunswick - Canada)

I discovered your instructional DVDs through my training. In fact I followed the formation of the DIF from November 2008 to May 2009, and in a way, I could see your different DVD. After that, I ordered your first 2 DVD, and I took lessons.I must admit that the vision of the DVDs were a huge contribution during my training. As proof I had an extra note + + + + when the scenario, thanks among other things to the pragmatism of your DVD. Thank you for this precious gift which is what educational support, which helped me and will help me in the future. "PB League Dauphiné

"Excellent work these DVD" educational path "A must for all future teachers tool, teachers and even trainers. ..." - G. WYCKAERT - 6th Dan - Responsible for staff college league Britain.

"... To soon for other volume that I find really informative. I often used as a support for my course ... thank you for what you do for karate and especially an aspect of karate is education. For achieve a higher grade is easy with time and work, but convey what was to teach us what is going into a parallel universe to that of the traditional practice. So I wish you, in the interest of all practitioners and future teachers to continue as long as possible in this way ... " - José FERREIRA

"It's really great what you do. A big BRAVO and thank you also, it's so useful stuff." - Anne Goudenove

"He was loved us too! What animate our children progress. Entiree world is benefiting: the teacher and the students. Kids love, it changes the exercises become too conventional for the "old". The teacher finds a new source of inspiration. 5 DVDs are really good. Bravo. "- ESB Karate

"Great work and great suport for teachers. We want more!" - M.BOURENE, BEES2, Juror BEES1

"Firstly congratulations, it's a very good job. I was so fascinated by this DVD that I even found a little short. At the end I said" already ". Finally, I say one thing BRAVO! " - Thomas Harel






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  • Download 341 MB



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