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"The way teaching Vol.5"Immediate download- 383 MB



Contents:Organized 40 educational teaching progression that shows how it is possible to teach children and in older beginners, gestures and know-how micro-techniques that will serve as a springboard for learning the basic techniques of Kihon.

This approach to teaching isINEDITEand is based on the useCLEVERan innovative material: foam sticks with a length of 40 cm.


Educational path Vol.5 is a rhythmic video, comments supported and which falls within the educational logic all videos from the same series (sold several thousand copies).


  • Language: French - Duration 33 minutes.
  • Language: French
  • Internationnal: The mastery of French is not necessary because of the numerous sufficiently explicit demonstrations.
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Like all the videos in the series "The educational path," Volume 5 is a wealth of theoretical and practical information for all teachers in charge of groups of children or beginners as well as for all candidates for a teaching degree .






Whether we talk about closing the fist, guidance Kento of Hikite, preparation of motion, balance, rotation of forearm (pronation and supination of the forearm) and others, these conditions to be met for the technique to be effective have the particularity not limited to a single technique.

With a non-exhaustive list of 10 rules of action it is possible to define objectives microwave technical aim, that is to say real gestural experiences strands of technology and know-how essential to the achievement basic techniques. This micro technical phase is the first link in a progression that should lead to the first Kihon for beginners.

Pedagogically, we have created additional educational involving two essential and highly reactive children conditions:

  1. Be closer to their usual or natural traction.
  2. Create maximum interaction between actions and their effects produced. Giving meaning to actions and to establish the link so difficult to demonstrate in a fun way between gesture and made art.

Educational path Vol.5 addresses equally to teachers karate martial arts and activity as future teachers getting a degree.

Video rich theoretical and pedagogical level,it is also a tool for all practitioners beginners wanting to start karate in the best conditions due to some educational 40 to achieve for themselves in addition to the course.




Top des ventesProduced exclusively by and Infokaraté, this educational series SINGLEsold several thousand copies is plébicitée by all candidates for DAF teaching degree type, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS the French Karate Federation. Referenced in schools frames the French Karate Federation (training center for teachers of karate), the series "educational path" has also become a BEST SELLER in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands , Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, etc ...




Professor of physical education and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, former member of the national child of French Karate Federation Committee (FF -Karate) and webmaster since 2001 devoted to teacher training Karate (25 000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also a teacher trainer of Physical Education and Sport in combat sports.
Director 5 DVD "The way teaching" all the videos available on Video Infokaraté are particularly innovative and useful learning resources for any teacher in charge of one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP and DEJEPS the French Karate Federation.





"For our part, we think it is a great way to bring the child to perform a sequence: each action they perform turns into a" success "for the child because he managed to hit the fried. More continues, the more it "success", and it continues, the more it is able to execute a sequence of several movements. A child also learns to focus on having fun ... The kids had lots of fun ...

To us your DVDs are essential: They educate children differently. I have known traditional education, sometimes very hard physically, composed of countless repetitions. By combining traditional education (less physically demanding than before ...) to your façon to do, I think teaching Karate becomes more complete. These DVDs give us good ideas. When will the 6eDVD? Thank you "- Guy Mony (Canada) - PageFacebook

"All good, again this DVD. Like this educational excellence from you, this 5th DVD is like the 4 others, especially not stop. A question you will allow me Mr. Foltzer. How do to find all this and why you do not do your internship. Congratulations and thank you for the quick delivery. "P. Dulou KC Veyre.

"I watched your DVD on teaching karate, and I am very impressed with your methods that are both fun and lead to a global capacity necessary for the practice of karate. STAPS I'm studying (Science and technical sport and physical activity) and I plan to spend my CAPEPS (sport and physical education teaching staff) and introduce karate school. It would be with great joy to be able to converse with you to achieve to quality education "Sincerely, Clement(About reccueillis on Facebook - July 2012)


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