Educational path Vol 4

DVD - TOP SALES- 83 games and educational karate for children, adolescents and adult beginners.

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DVD "The way teaching Vol.4"


Contents:83 games and educational karate for children, adolescents and adults: Balance Games and reflexes - My premers step Mae Geri, Ushiro Geri and Yoko Geri - The first technical learning (positions, simple chains, pins ... ) - Progression teaching blocking techniques - Stability - Introduction to the work of the hips in the beginners ...


  • Duration: 43 minutes
  • Language: French
  • Internationnal: The mastery of French is not essential because of the numerous sufficiently explicit demonstrations.
  • DVD all zones






Course motor for Karate kids: Discover a path to develop "game" balance while inducing the acquisition of fundamental actions relating to Mae Geri, Ushiro Geri and Yoko Geri.


Parcours moteur


My first steps in Mae Geri: Originally designed for video "The pedagogical way" Vol 1, this series of educational progress addresses organized in a simple process to set up with inexpensive materials: Plastic bottles. But do not be fooled, it is not only to hit a bottle on a bench, this is only the surface of the issues. The logic of this sequence is more subtle and trainer for students.


Mae géri


Balance games around:Mae Geri -Ushiro Geri -Yoko Geri

Mae gériUshiro gériYoko géri

Hand coordination and balance management in a hardware environment made of hoops and DTP. Here's what could be conceived as teaching situations astute because having the essential characteristics: attractive and varied. Everything you need to meet the karate for children, teenagers and even adults beginners.


The first technical learning: The pedagogical effectiveness of this increase is particularly interesting. Whatever the profile of students (children, adolescents, adults), these exercises have demonstrated rapid acquisitions technically: Dissossiation arms / legs - motor road of members, thus maintaining a high level of motivation within the same purely technical learning among beginners. The most interesting is certainly linked to the fact that these learnings (Tsuki and base blocking) are experienced through a relationship DUO (work with partner) to acquire additional skills in terms of distance management.


Les 1ers apprentissages techniquesConstruire les positions de base


Stability: Combined with Introduction theory, this series of educational approaches an original design of the teaching of stability aimed at education for beginners and even children.


Hip work- Some utililes exercises to introduce an effective hip work through pivots (among others!)


Build Mae Geri and Yoko Geri-Find Out how the orientation of the surface that strikes becomes a tool that organizes the action of the kick. Example of simple and very reactive instructions for beginners.


Warm-up games and induction: Balancing relay with hoops, Shuko Tsuki work 2 or group, etc. - Discover new games as an attractive warm-up for young children.

Jeu de karaté


To mowing:Extensively covered in the video "pedagogical way Vol.3", here are some exercises introducing from a basic position, the fondamenataux principles for successful mowing safely.

Jeu de fauchage pour karaté


Build blockagesin children and beginners (of any age) through the establishment of an attack relationship / single defense.

Addressing learning technical without saturating the pupil, is a crucial issue in any teaching, especially when it comes to technical learning. The pedagogical proposal developed at length in this section, the teacher will bring an additional view of teaching basic blocks in children and beginners also developed extensively in the video "The educational path Vol.2"

Blocages de base : Jodan age uke, Uchi Uke, soto Uke et gédan baraïBlocages de base : Jodan age uke, Uchi Uke, soto Uke et gédan baraï

* To basic blocks: Age Uke Jodan Yoko Uke Soto Uke Gedan Barai and




Top des ventesProduced exclusively by and Infokaraté, this educational series UNIQUEsold several thousand copies is plébicitée by all candidates for a DAF type of education degree, DIF, PIC, DEJEPS the French Karate Federation. Referenced in schools for managers in the French Karate Federation (training center karate teachers), the series "The educational path" has also become a BEST SELLER in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgiue, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, etc ...




PE teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for the Staff College League of Limousin 2004 to 2008, former member of the National Commission Children of the French Karate Federation and webmaster Infokarate .com dedicated since 2001 to teacher training Karate (25 000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also trainer of physical education teachers in combat sports.
"The educational path Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 and Vol.5" are educational resources particularly innovative and useful for any teacher to load one or more groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, PIC and DEJEPS the French Karate Federation.







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"Mr. Foltz, I want to tell you that the videos that I bought yesterday quite meet my expectations.
Indeed, I am negotiating to open a section of karate in my village (the most difficult is to find a room, but I am hopeful!) And despite my many years of practice, I needed a "framework" to adapt my knowledge education to children, adolescents and adult beginners.
Your pedagogical approach is excellent and it is clear that I will draw your work and your advice as part of my future course. I'll upload other videos progressively, this first step being very conclusive. Thank you and good luck! "-Pascal L. Virmoux - Clair (New Brunswick - Canada)

"I thank you, Ijust watched the DVD and I find beautiful, I am an instructor and I have a lot of Peul same people will say very difficult to find innovative exercises as you do this will allow me to use and j hopes to improve "Jean-Marc R.

"It's SUPER - THANK YOU"Nadia L.

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