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This video has been designed as an educational resource for teachers looking for inspiration in order to diversify their current or future teachers seeking training.


This video of a duration of 12 minutes is the stage for a set of teaching strategies for the learning of Kata in children and beginners.

A first part deals with the theories of learning on which will support the different teaching strategies developed in the second part.

In conclusion, the markers of progress available to teachers to enable them to understand and interpret the work done by their students in order to promulgate the guidelines are the most appropriate.


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Professor of sport and physical education and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, former member of the national commission on child of the French Federation of Karate (FF-Karate) and webmaster of the website Infokarate.com devoted since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate (80 000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also a teacher trainer of physical Education and sports in combat sports.
Director of the 5 DVD "The way teaching" and this series of instructional videos offered on Infokaraté are educational resources, particularly innovative and useful for any teacher in charge of one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP and DEJEPS of the French Federation of Karate.




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