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Elastic loop


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Dedicated to early learning techniques, the objective that allows you to develop this small material is especially reactive in terms of learning of the 1st techniques of blocking. It reveals, moreover, equally reactive during the initiation to the onslaught conventional for children and beginners (The work of blocking with the elastic loops is not limited to a job on the spot - in addition, there are a number of variant, for example, to highlight the work of the Hikité and others). These educational issues are extensively demonstrated in the Flight.2 of the DVD "The way educational for sale on this shop.


These elastic bands of 0.8 cm width and 3 metres long, form a loop to pass for example under the arms or on the hips between 2 partners (Or holding a hand to one and belted the waist to the other, etc.). To standards NF and not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Varied colors and contrasting.


boucle élastique

* Sold by the unit

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