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The way teaching Vol.3


DVD "The way educational Vol.3"


"The fundamental techniques and tactics for beginners". Here's a teaching strategy is innovative and unique in the environment of Karate. This 3rd volume of a duration of 43 minutes, tackles through 3 chapters, a pedagogical design of the teaching of karate to be particularly effective.







Why an innovative approach and unique?

- Because we are doing the opposition a learning tool and technique normally reserved for the Kyhon, by integrating them in duels secure what we have identified as being of "Fundamental techniques"

- Because we confront immediately the beginners to the management of tactical schemes simple and practical, usually reserved for a more advanced level : Such as the direct attacks to the rhythm and the mowing.

In total, 'the way teaching volume 3" combines some 50 teaching situations all organized in progressions, and this time addressing it to students aged for a minimum of 8/9 years of age up to teenagers, and more.




In the end, this 3rd video is opening up many avenues of work that you won't have trouble with explorer, even with students of more advanced level and older.


  • Duration : 45 minutes
  • Language : French
  • International : The mastery of French is not essential because of the many demonstrations sufficiently explicit.
  • DVD all zones




Top des ventesProduced exclusively by and on Infokaraté, this series UNIQUE teaching, sold several thousand copies is trusted by all candidates for a teaching credential type DAF, DIF, CQP, DEJEPS of the French Federation of Karate. Cited in reference in the schools executives of the French federation of Karate (training center for teachers of karate), the series "The way teaching" also became a BEST SELLER in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, etc...




Pe teacher and graduate status in Karate, Alain Foltzer is responsible for school managers in the league Limousin from 2004 to 2008, former member of the national commission on child of the French Federation of Karate and webmaster of the website devoted since 2001 to the training of teachers of Karate (60 000 visitors per month). Alain Foltzer is also a teacher trainer for physical education and sport in combat sports.
"The way educational Vol.1 Vol.2 Vol.3 Vol.4 and Vol.5" are educational resources, particularly innovative and useful for any teacher in charge of one or several groups of children and candidates AFA, DAF, DIF, CQP and DEJEPS of the French Federation of Karate.






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  • Payments accepted : credit Cards (CB, Mastercard, Visa,...), PAYPAL account, check (Only for metropolitan France), bank transfer national and international.
  • The customer can incorporate the name of a club at the time of the creation of its customer account (This allows to establish the invoice in the name of the club).
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"For our part, we find that it is a great way to bring the child to perform a sequence : each action they perform turns into a "success" for the child because he managed to hit the fried. The longer it continues, the more it " success ", and the longer it continues, the more it is able to run a sequence of several movements. The child also learns to focus in a fun... The children have had great fun...

For us your DVDS are essential : They educate children differently. I have known traditional education, sometimes very hard physically, composed of countless repetitions. By combining traditional education (less physically hard than in the past...) to your way of doing things, I think teaching Karate becomes more complete. These DVD's give us good ideas. When the 6e DVD? Thank You" - Guy Mony (Canada) - Page Facebook

"All good, once again this DVD. I love this excellence educational of your hand, this 5th DVD is the image of the other 4, you do not stop especially. A question, would you allow me Mr. Foltzer. How do you find all this? And why you don't do the internship. Congratulations and thank you for the quick delivery." P. Dulou KC Veyre.

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