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To follow its progress and understand it

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In the field of pedagogy, the interest for students, to know concretely the objectives to be achieved and the evaluation and progression criteria to achieve them, is no longer debated.

Many sports federations have set up official progressions accompanied by educational passports for students, like the one proposed by Infokaraté.

This booklet will allow students to follow their progress and the work to be done to reach the next grade.

A real "motivational booster", this "educational" passport is easy to use.

Over the course of learning, the teacher ticks off the student's booklet, the success criteria achieved in the 4 main families of proposed techniques: Tsuki - Geri - positions and displacements - Blockages.

In possession of his pedagogical passport, the student visualizes his progress and knows which ones he still has to pursue to reach the following grades.

This educational passport allows students to follow live, their technical progress up to the blue checkered brown belt.

This educational passport for students comes directly from the wall poster and the video "Progression by grade" that you will find here (Same illustrations - same logic of progression and evaluation):

Booklet sold individually - Minimum quantity 5

Booklet in A5 format (half A4) - Illustrations based on Shotokan Karate

8 pages

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Pedagogical passport

Pedagogical passport

To follow its progress and understand it