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Challenge of the Samurai


The challenge of the Samurai

Immerse your students in an environment of challenge throughout the sporting year and reward the ALL during a ceremony of the end of the season.

"The challenge of the samurai" is a concept designed to strongly engage and retain your students for a whole year and beyond.

Three dominant are put forward and will enable any student to claim the ultimate trophy: The cup of the samurai

- Attendance

- Listening

- Progress

Each of these 3 themes is assessed each month for each student on their tracking sheet (rigid > plastic). The "scale" is specified. And each course becomes a challenge or the level will not be sufficient, but where a work assiduous, attentive listening to the instructions and the willingness to progress, whatever his level and his grade will make the difference.


The similarity of this device is widely used by other federations, and has long since proved its worth. Do not rest more than you.




The trophy of the samurai is not restricted to only one cup. Other lots we will ALL be rewarded:

This lot contains:

- 1 Cup of type MONEY of 23 cm high, struck by a medallion of GOLD type.

- 10 medals GOLD type of 40mm diameter with ribbon tricolors.

- 10 Bracelets silicone size child/youth printed by the statement: "I do Karate".

- 10 booklets of annual follow-up + Smiley self sticking to ask each month on the reverse side of the sheets, annual monitoring (see model above).

- 5 degrees of Excellence.

- 5 degrees of Honor.


Principle of operation-side professor: Make it so that only 1 student did that smiley BLUE. It will win the cup + 1 medal + 1 diploma of excellence + 1 bracelet silicone. For others, there are enough medals, diplomas, and bracelets to achieve a classification favorable to all. You have to play....


In the "Add to cart" above, adjust the batch based on the number of students.


Suggestion: Pair it up with this batch of certifications of degrees and/or diplomas rewarding additional and different.


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